Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simple Steps to avoid Google Panda Effects

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a Google’s latest algorithm; it determines website / blogs / articles content and provides rankings according to content and Meta settings. Google Panda is introduced to provide quality and unique search results to their users.

With this new update, we have to be more careful about the postings which we are making. plus we should really make it relevant, unique and original. The websites with copy content, low quality, irrelevant content, poor and irrelevant backlinks will suffer by this update.

Below are the basic methods through which you can avoid the effects of Google Panda. All these changes are quite simple and easy to understand.
Improve your content and take care of below mentioned points while updating your content:

1) Content quality and its usability
Try to use more relevant and useful content on your website, just check visitor’s requirement, what people are searching on internet and make the changes according to that. Visitors should understand your content and make sure to avoid grammatical errors and typos. 

2) Prepare valuable content
The valuable content plays a major role in overcoming the Google Panda updates. Visitors should get a feeling that the content you are providing gives the clear cut idea and exact information that they are looking out for.

3) Make unique content
Make sure that your content is not copied from anywhere and It should be 100% spam free because Google Panda Algorithm focuses on spam, copy, poor quality content. Scan your site with online tools for unoriginal content and update

4) “Blog-sites” check the comments which you are approving
Before approving any comments for your blog check out for relevancy of comment and the links which are coming from them. 

5) Reduced Ad Placements
Along with good content, it is also important how you are placing your ads on web-pages. Try to avoid using too much ads on web page, place the ads wisely without making it difficult for the users to go through the content of your web page.

There are other points which are also important while updating your website, which are listed as below:

1) Checkout website navigation
Website navigation must be well formatted and it should be easy for
visitors so that they can find their way around on website. Remember best aspect of navigation is inter linking between the pages, it should give them best experience.

2) Check for quality back links
Google panda checks the low quality, bad neighborhood website and irrelevant websites. So always find the links from quality websites.

3) Say no to Black Hat
Prepare the website free from any sort of black hat methods like keyword spamming, keyword stuffing, hidden text, 301 redirect, fake news Etc…

Once you are ready with all the updates, you can expect better search engine results in the coming days.

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Articles should be avoided according to new algorithm.But what about the press release?