Thursday, May 8, 2008

Title Tag optimization | Importance of Title tags

 Significance and not many things for Title Tag Optimization

Title tags are questionably the most essential of the on-page factors for search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine internet marketing (SEM)

To be found using the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Msn) for you should optimize your website for a set of keyword phrases. These keyword phrases should be included in your title tag. Suppose my website is of Search Engine Optimization, then I would like my website to appear in search engine results when searching with the phrase “Search Engine Optimization Tricks SEO Ideas Internet Marketing” You can also put title tags as per your geographical area like “Search Engine Optimization company in India Or Search Engine Marketing Firms in Mumbai

If I include “Search Engine Optimization Company” in my title tag I will boost the chances that the search engines will find the page and my grade(Page Rank: Number of votes to our website) will be higher. Of course you are not restricted to adding only one keyword phrase to your title, I would advocate two perhaps three but be careful not to make it too long. Also keep in mind make it easy to appreciate and expressive for a human.

There are a few points you should keep in brain when writing your titles:
1) The title should be relevant to the purpose of the site and aptly describe (in a few words) what the site is about.
2) The title should be meaningful and not just contain a list of keywords.
3) The title should not be too promotional and read like an ad text, instead it should be as objective as possible.
4) The title shouldn’t be too lengthy (anywhere between 20 to 50 characters is usually fine).
6) Avoid the use of an exclamation mark ‘!’ in the title.
7) Avoid repetition of keywords.
8) Avoid words like ‘best’, ’leader’, ’cheapest’, ’greatest’ or any other overstated adjective.

Making the following changes to your title tag can help improve ranking and increase targeted traffic to your website:
- Include keyword phrases in your title tag
- Order keyword phrases successfully within the title tag
- Make the title tag attractive to the eye
- Try to keep title tags as unique as possible
- Avoid the list of ordinary title tag mistake

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Having the perfect title tag definitely is one way you can get higher rankings in SERPs, as well as attention from readers.